A growing need

Air traffic is growing, as well as terrorist threats. This increases the requirement to control the objects brought by passengers into airplanes, or by spectators in an arena, or by public in museum.

The most popular systems used to detect weapons only react to metallic objects. This is now recognized as insufficient, and very inefficient (200 people scanned per hour, and 50% of false alarms).

Consequently, it is necessary to find a faster and more reliable way to control objects carried by passengers.

ScanVision's technology


After years of R&D, ScanVision has invented an imagery technology enabling to:

  • detect illicit objects, caracterized by their shape and their material
  • control passenger while they are walking

This technology brings a real breakthrough on the market to detect objects:

  • it enables to control flows of people 5 to 10 times faster than the current technologies
  • it enables to reduce the false alarm rate down to few percents

Consequently, both the required staff and the induced delay are strongly reduced.

The company

ScanVision has been founded by Claude Chekroun in 2011.

Claude Chekroun has acquired an wide experience, internationnally recognized, in the field of radar technologies. He produced 82 patents during his career, among which 7 have been elected “best inventions” by Thomson CSF and Thales.

ScanVision also works in strong partnership with the experts of SART, whose know-how and experience are internationally recognized.

ScanVision leverages 6 patents, enabling to track the passengers’ movements, to identify suspicious objects, to digitally zoom on suspicious areas, and to identify illicit objects based on shapes and material.

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